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We help investors get a Commercial Mortgage for their property.

Commercial mortgages are loans taken out on commercial rather than residential real estate. They use the property as collateral and are designed as a flexible way to raise capital for businesses, entrepreneurs and investors who want to purchase or refinance income producing commercial properties.

Commercial mortgages can be taken out on a number of different properties, including offices and retail property. Some common commercial properties that mortgages can help provide funding for include:

  • Multi-residential properties

  • Income properties

  • Bridge financing

  • Restaurants

  • Industrial properties

  • Office properties

  • Self-storage

  • Retail malls

  • Raw land financing

  • Start-ups financing

  • Debt consolidation


You may find that the mortgage process is complicated. Regional Mortgage Group is dedicated to help individuals and businesses obtain fair mortgage rates. If you’re looking for help improving your company’s commercial mortgage rate, we can help you. 

What Affects Commercial Mortgages & How to Get a Good Rate

If you choose to pursue a commercial mortgage, your company will have to satisfy certain criteria. Because the value and risk associated with commercial loans is higher, there is a higher bar set as well. In order to improve your commercial mortgage rate in Calgary, you need to take the criteria below and make sure you meet certain standards.

Contact Us to Improve Your Commercial Mortgage Rate

The mortgages brokers at Regional Mortgage Group have the experience, knowledge and understanding to help you get good commercial mortgage rates. To find out more, give the professionals at Regional Mortgage Group a call.




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